Booking Direct

I’m working with a new reservation system! I’m excited to be partnered now with ThinkReservations. The old system was working but was a little clunky. Then they got bought out by another company that completely dropped the ball at customer service. I really like good customer service.

Lots of folks find a place to stay using online travel agencies. You know their names. They’re big names with lots of television commercials advertising them. It’s a good way to find a place to stay. I know, I use them all the time. But it’s a great idea to visit your bed and breakfast’s own website and to book direct. #BookDirect

My new reservation system is going to make that a lot easier. Going directly to an inn’s website is going to give you a lot more information about the inn, it’s rooms, and the neighborhood. Booking directly makes it easier if you want to change your reservation, cancel your reservation, check in early, check out late, get other special treatment, or answer any other questions or concerns. There’s not a third-party in between you and your innkeeper.

And yes, a little more money stays in the innkeeper’s pocket. But you will NEVER pay more, booking direct. It’s a win-win. (Except maybe for the big online travel agencies. They’re going to make plenty of money and be just fine.) Booking direct with a bed and breakfast it’s like shopping locally. Give it a try! An innkeeper will thank you.

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